Monday, March 7, 2011

Wow, long time no write

I have no idea why I haven't written in so long. The only explanation is life. Life and moods. Have I ever mentioned I'm just FULL of moods? I'll give you a rundown of life around here. And a few thoughts. Maybe this will be the "choke" to getting the engine going again. Don't know what a choke is? Then I'm MUCH older than you.

I made my bi-annual trip to Kansas to visit my mother. With every visit, I am reminded each and every time that I would be a raving maniac if I lived closer and that living 1000 miles away is almost as frustrating. And its the only time I feel very cursed for being an only child. Continued hoarding and her complete belief and insistance that keeping ALL her "pretty" stuff is completely normal although she isn't very capable. And her insistance on driving is just things nightmares are made.

The holidays were spent in relative quietness. Enjoyed lots of family time with my hubby, son and dog.

The normalcy returned at turn of the new year. My son began his monthly treks to his drum corp weekend camps to ready for the new season. He is their field director this year, which will be his last, as he "ages out" this year. His mother gains several more gray hair as he drives the approximate 240 roundtrip miles in Michigan winter weather. February brought a home accident for my husband, costing him 3 broken fingers needing surgery. One required pins and one required the amputation of the top joint. The blessing was that it wasn't worse and it was his left hand. He's right handed. But God has blessed his recovery and he is on the downhill side albeit the physical therapy.

We have been reading and internalizing some great articles and blogs on minimalism. We have reached a stage in life we are very tired of all the years of accumlumating stuff and moving this stuff for the many cross-country moves we've made through the years. We've moved many a box full from house-to-house, state-to-state without opening once in many, many years. After realizing what hanging onto STUFF has done to both of our parents, we decided we desired to do differently. We don't want to wait till we are too old to do something about it. We want the freedom. And most of all, we don't want to do to our son what we will have to deal with our parents' belongings. So we have slowly been going through things and making periodic trips to our local Salvation Army. Its really exciting to think that someone will actually use stuff we have long forgotten about or no longer use.

Even though I haven't been writing on my blog lately, I have been considering possible new directions for it. Perhaps less random. Even though I enjoy discussing whatever is on my mind, I'm considering advice to be more "thematic". Do you have any thoughts on that? I would love to hear from you.