Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just a simple reminder that we can ALL help!

I've heard more than once in the last few days about the extreme need that local shelters and food pantries have right now. The number of people needing the assistance has grown way beyond their ability to provide. Alot of people that used to help these places are the same ones in need now. As bleak as the the numbers are, there are an awful lot of us that still have jobs, even though we may be pulling in our spending and conserving for the possibility of hard times ourselves. But most of us have a can or two on our shelves or can grab an extra can as we get what we need to make supper tonight when stopping by the grocery store. Let's all rally together and take care of each other. The organizations that are around for that purpose are tapped out. They need our help because our neighbors need the help. Please see the blessings in your life and take that can you can spare to your local shelter, abused shelter or food pantry today.

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