Thursday, April 9, 2009

More writing!

I have a friend that reminded me that writers write, even when there's nothing inspiring me to write. She said it doesn't have to be topic-driven or well thought out. Just write. So here I am.

Life has suddenly gotten very complicated. Aging parents are at the center of a majority of the angst. I cannot write more about it without going on and on and on and telling all sorts of things that just would not interest anyone else. Add to the severity and degree of their needs at this moment, a sudden health scare of my own, a smaller health issue for my husband and readying our only child for his graduation in two months and summer-long departure soon afterwards...needless to say, my own mind has been whirling non-stop and "inspired" has not been a descriptive I would include.

But upon a short, albeit productive consideration, I have to agree that I need to write. And perhaps right now is the perfect time. I will have alot of thoughts and need to unload them somewhere. Maybe somewhere in it all I will find a release and peace and if someone else reads it and finds a shred of anything that helps them, then "mores the better".

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. Really. Now keep it up, you will soon find your place. As I have always said, you never know who you are talking to and how it could help them, so blog away...